Bitcoin Hashrate Surges Tapping Lifetime High, Foundry Commands Top Mining Pool Rank for 30 Days

Participants in Bitcoin mining reached a new record on Saturday, February 12th, 2022 when the hashrate hit an ATH of 246,80 EH/s. The hashrate has seen three consecutive Aths in 2022, with the first one being broken on January 1. Two weeks later, another ATH was tapped at 219.5 EH/s.

Saturday’s record was 12.43% higher that the January 15 metric. At the moment, the hashrate is at 239.48 EH/s. While bitcoin’s price is at a 38.4% lower level than its November 10th high of $69K, the hashrate high takes place. The network’s difficulty has never been higher, making it more difficult to find a Bitcoin block subsidy.

The network’s mining difficulty stands at 26.69 trillion. It is expected to rise 3.33% within three days. The mining difficulty rose 9.32% on January 20 and by 0.18% two weeks later on February 3.

Foundry takes the 30-Day Lead with 758 Block Rewards

Out of 21 million bitcoin, 18,957962 have been mined. The largest bitcoin mining pool Foundry USA was the most active in terms of hashrate over the past three days. Foundry USA has taken 20.16% global hashrate and found 101 block rewards with 41.45EH/s.

F2pool (24.63EH/s), Antpool (24.2 EH/s), Viabtc (22.2 EH/s), Poolin (29.14EH/s), F2pool (34.9 EH/s), Antpool (24.2 EH/s), Viabtc (32.2 EH/s), respectively). For the past 30 days, Foundry was the top miner with 17% of global hashrate finding 758 reward blocks.

BTC is at its highest level in more than 13 years. 12 well-known mining pools are now mining the most valuable crypto asset, while stealth miners (unknown havehrate) control 1% of the network’s overall hashrate.


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