Bitcoin Evolution Review: Scam or Legit – Read Before Trading Review

Bitcoin Evolution is a type of cryptocurrency trading robot that helps users to buy bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, at a lower rate and sells it at a higher price. This is why it can render considerable profits to all its users.

If you know even a tad bit about cryptocurrencies, you must have also heard about auto trading robots. But as we know, the whole internet is flooded with these. This is why we’ve taken upon ourselves to bring you information about the right automated trading robot to never let you face a loss. In this bitcoin evolution review, our point of discussion will be Bitcoin Evolution.

Back in 2017 when automated cryptocurrency trading robots were newly gaining grounds, they were the receivers of many harsh comments. Bitcoin Evolution is one such platform, whose legitimacy we are going to discuss in this post. Although the platform has received great reviews from users all over the world, we’re going to make a precise breakdown of Bitcoin Evolution so that you know where you’re investing.

To introduce you to Bitcoin Evolution, for the time being, let’s say that this is also an excellent auto trading robot that assures a win rate of 99.4%. So where did the .6% go? Well, for your information, the platform claims that no algorithm can detect market changes 100% correctly. This is why they’ve made a practical claim of 99.4%. As tested by us, this platform came out to be undoubtedly legitimate and worth investing!

So without further ado, let’s witness the scene of Bitcoin Evolution in detail. Are you ready? If yes, scroll further!

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Bitcoin Evolution a Scam?

Bitcoin Evolution was created by a group of very experienced traders as well as software engineers. This crypto bot also applies the technology as mentioned above to make trade possible automatically. This is done by analysing the market rates and making the deal at the best reasonable price. The platform also claims that it can render profit in less than 20 minutes of account monitoring.

Well, believe it or not, this certainly is a legitimate automated cryptocurrency trading robot. Its algorithm is based on proven technology. It has received nice reviews from many users.

This platform is also based on the crypto bot technology in which there is no requirement of user input or effort. You are only required to make an account and let the system do its job. Reviews, as put up on TrustPilot, show that the results that this platform claims to give are not entirely consistent, but it still does make a decent profit.

Moreover, the automated crypto bot also clearly mentions that the win rate is not exactly 100%, but it’s 99.4%. This is because almost no crypto bot is able to detect the market rates precisely, and there always is some scope of improvement. This move by Bitcoin Evolution is as honest as it gets!

  • Decent winning rate of 88%
  • We made some profit using these software.
  • You can deposit via Skrill and Krarna too.
  • Multi Language Support

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Bitcoin Evolution Review

The working of Bitcoin Evolution depends on computer algorithms. When something is associated with trading, a tremendous amount of data is to be assessed for good deals and proper analysis. This, however, is certainly not in the capability sphere of man, which is why computer algorithms are created to perform this sort of a job.

These computer algorithms assess the big data with ease and make those deals which render profits. This is done by reading the change only nanoseconds after the announcement takes place. Thus, the job of buying bitcoins in lower price and selling it at higher one is performed well.

So, consider yourself a block printer who had to carve out blocks to print beautiful designs on cotton pieces. But as the demand for your work as well as fabric increased printing machines came into the scene. These machines only have to be set and given a command, and they will do the job on their own! Now you don’t have to put in any effort and make massive money while sipping your tea. How cool is that?

In our analogy, the printing machine can be considered analogous to the automated trading crypto bots. These softwares have a set algorithm that buys and sells bitcoins while making profits for the company as well as the user. All this happens without any input by the user except for the settings under which the trade takes place which the user can customise.


Bitcoin Evolution claims that the degree of its efficiency is as good as 88% and can make profits most of the time. This crypto bot provides two modes of operation such as manual or automatic. Moreover, the settings can be customised and with a total time investment of 20 minutes per day in order to result in good profits for a particular user! How cool is that?

However, a point to be noted here is that even though the computer algorithms that analyse big chunks of data are correct most of the times, they’re still 1% prone to losses. This 1% can be a big deal for a person who is investing a lot of amounts. Thus, if you are a beginner, you should always begin with the minimum $250 and then build your way up. 

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How to open an account on Bitcoin Evolution?

Registration at Bitcoin Evolution is a straightforward one and takes just three minutes to complete. Therefore, people who are not okay with solving huge questionnaires and waiting for approvals for creating an account can benefit hugely. 

  • To begin, click on the given link to reach the official website of Bitcoin Evolution:
  • Now submit all the required personal details such as a phone number, an email address that is functional, your name and finally creates a password with good strength. The creation of a strong password should be taken care of because, on this account, all your investment and profits will be saved.
  • A great diversion from other platforms that are provided here is that you can choose whether you’d like emails from the platform or not which you can select at this stage.
  • Once, you finish this,  your account will be created!

This platform comes with SSL, which means all your information is under encryption. This encryption takes place only between the client and the servers, which ensure the safety of every individual.

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How do I begin trading with Bitcoin Evolution?

As your basic knowledge may suggest, for every trade that is made, some amount of funds are required. Therefore, here also our first step will be the transfer of funds or deposition! To do so, you are need to scroll over the Deposit page and enter your details. The payment methods included here are MasterCard, Visa, etc. It also contains digital payment such as Skrill and Krarna. If you want to use sofort, then Bitcoin Future is for you. 

A piece of great news here is that there are no charges for deposition of funds. There are no charges for withdrawals as well, but some payment to the financial institutions that facilitate the transaction could be asked for. The minimum amount that can be put in is $250, which is referred to as initial capital. Once you have successfully used any of the above payment methods mentioned above, you are ready to begin trading!

Demo Trading:

If you are a newbie at the trading scene, you might want to consider initiating a demo account. Through the help of a demo account, beginners can get a fair idea of what crypto trading is all about. Just like the actual trading here also, an option of manual or automatic trading is available. However, any demo balance is not known to be provided here.  This is very much similar to Bitcoin Revolution‘s demo trading.

Live Trading:

Once you’re okay with the platform and it’s functioning, you can switch on the live trade. Here also, you can select between manual and auto trading. Usually, manual trading is for experienced traders, while for beginners auto trading does the job. Clients who choose auto trading are supposed to monitor the account for less than 20 minutes and expect to make good profits.

Fortunately, Bitcoin Evolution apart from Bitcoin also offers a trade-in other crypto coins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero and Bitcoin Cash, to name a few. Moreover, the major currency pairs that this platform supports includes EUR, USD, CHF, CAD and NZD.


Of course, we’d like to explain that to you! Read the following points for elaboration:

  • Registration: The registration is pretty straightforward. They doesn’t require your personal details like govt id and tax id etc. Just register using basic details like email, username and password to start trading.
  • Deposit/Withdraw: As we discussed above, Bitcoin Evolution accepts multiple methods for depositing. If you’ve used any other cryptocurrency trading robot, then you might know that a lot of them don’t process payouts and withdrawals quickly. It might take as long as seven to ten days for a withdrawal to take place. This is not the case with Bitcoin Evolution as withdrawals and payouts are very quick.
  • Fees: Theres no fees for registering on this platform. Just load money and start trading.
  • Customer Service:  24/7 customer service  via email or chat.
  • High Winning Rate: Bitcoin Evolution has proven legitimacy. It provides a win rate of 88% which is well tested by us. Moreover, it also has got great reviews from users worldwide, which also contributes to its image. This is, however, not the case with every automatic cryptocurrency trading robot present online.
  • Accuracy: Bitcoin Evolution also has a very high accuracy level as it is created by very experienced traders as well as professional software engineers as they have made no stone unturned to make this experience a profit yielding one. This is precisely the reason why the website claims that the accuracy level of Bitcoin Evolution is 88%.

Pros / Cons

  • Good reviews from users.
  • The excellent success rate of 88%.
  • Demo mode available for beginners.
  • Users can choose between manual or auto mode.
  • Great customer service
  • Quick deposition and withdrawals.
  • The market changes involve some risk factors which can never be avoided.
  • Demo balance is not provided.
  • The software is not available for all the countries.

Is there any app for Bitcoin Evolution?

However, a point to be paid attention to here is that this app is not available in all countries. Therefore, refer to the official website to find out whether it is functional in your country of residence or not!

What if I still face any problems while trading at Bitcoin Evolution?

Don’t fret at all! The software provides a very efficient customer service that will be ready to help you at any stage of your trading.

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So, what do you say about the Bitcoin Evolution? We say that it is definitely legitimate. In fact, it is a great software to invest your money and grow it only by letting the system do its job.

Moreover, features like quick deposits and withdrawals, excellent customer service, a demo mode for beginners, etc. all speak in favour of this cryptocurrency trading robot. However, some things must always be taken care of. For example, one should always use the minimum possible amount for trading, which is $250. This is because one must make sure they only lose the amount that they can afford to lose.

Also, once you make handsome profit, withdraw frequently to keep every amount safe and away from any market danger.

Now that you know what lies behind Bitcoin Evolution, are you ready to give it a shot? Of course, you are!

Do you have something to say about our Bitcoin Evolution Review? You are welcome to do so in the comments section below!


Has Bitcoin Evolution ever been in the media?

You might have come across several advertisements and hoax posts where it might have been stated that this platform has been on Morning Post and other areas. However, according to our research, this is an entirely false alarm. Bitcoin Evolution is a good company that has never been on any form of media and therefore, you should also not fall for any gimmicks that claim so.

Do celebrities recommend Bitcoin Evolution?

If you read a lot about cryptocurrencies, you might have come across sources that claim that Peter Jones and Elon Musk recommended Bitcoin Evolution. This also is false news as no celebrity has ever endorsed Bitcoin Evolution for that matter!

Who is the founder of Bitcoin Evolution?

Psss….that’s a secret even we couldn’t crack! This platform is known to be formed by very experienced software engineers and trading professionals. However, their true identity remains hidden just as the founders of Bitcoin. A lot of you may say that this might make people suspicious, but in the world of cryptocurrencies, such behaviour is normal.

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